Web 2.0 Tech Tools for 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Just Cool Tools

Block Posters - create large wall posters from any image.
Create Your Own Wired Cover - fun tool for everyone...what will your cover say?

iCharts - create, share and embed interactive charts and graphs online.

geoGreeting! - spells out your greetings using satellite images of buildings found in the Google Maps satellite view...fun!

Idee Labs - locate photos based on color scheme.
1link - put multiple links into one short link which you can share with your friends..

MeetWays - Enter your address and a friend's address, and Meetways locates the midway point on a Google map. Add a search criteria (i.e. "coffee") and you'll see coffee shops in the vicinity of the midway point.
OneMinuteCoupon - create a coupon online to print or share with others.

Spell with flickr - grabs images from flickr and uses them to spell words you type in.  The result can then be embedded in a blog or website.

typoGenerator - generate visual collage from text.

ScreenToaster - create screencasts, tutorials and demos which can then be shared by email or embedding in a blog or website.

UserNameCheck - forgotten which sites you have signed up for?  Check this out...

Vox Cards - make and send greeting cards with your own voice - you don't need a microphone, just a telephone.
Web 2.0 Write - type in a few words and have them converted to web 2.0 letters.

Wordle - create word clouds that are converted to .jpg files (example at the top).

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