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Online Writing Tools

Buzzword - Abobe product, lets you share documents with people, giving individuals varying levels of access, from comments to editing to just reading the document.

Feed Chronicle - create and customize your own personal newspaper using feeds from your favorite websites.

Hypertextopia - read and write stories using hypertext.
Lightning Bug - helps you write a story from beginning to end.
Loose Stitch - collaborative outline creation.

mixedink - collaborative writing tool.
PicLits - creative writing site, matching images with keywords.

Plotbot - write screenplays collaboratively or independently.

Revizr - simple collaborative document editing.

storymash - collaborative creative writing community.

Writeboard - sharable, text based, save any edit, roll back to any version.

911 Writers Block - use this tool "dial for" cues to overcome writing blocks.

writewith - upload documents, share with other people, chat, assign tasks, and track everybody's actions with a comprehensive history.

yWriter - creative writing tool (download) where each "project" is organized by "chapters" and then "scenes."  Also has storyboard and daily word count functions.

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