Web 2.0 Tech Tools for 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Productivity Tools

BibMe - build a bibliography online.

clip clip - save images and text from websites to use in presentations or share with others.

Clipperz - online password manager.

Delicious - bookmark, organize and share websites of interest.

Google Reader - constantly checks your subscriptions for new and updated information.

Google Calendar - organize your schedule and share events with friends.

htm2pdf - convert web pages to pdf.

Jing - capture images, record video, share online (combination of SnagIt and Camtasia but free).

SuprGlu - organize all your blogs, websites, bookmarks, picutres and more in one central location.

VisualCV - create interactive online resumes.

vi.sualize.us - bookmark, organize and share images found on the web.

WebKut - screen capture tool (requires download).

Yahoo! Calendar - create to-do lists, easy scheduling, add Flickr photos on the days you took them (coming soon), evites, and more.  Check out the demo.

Yotify - your personal information service that sends out "scouts" to track anything on the web.

Zamzar - online file conversion.

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